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My jewelry creations range in design from the casually elegant for wear every day to the highly ornate for the most formal occasions. So whether you're looking for a reasonably priced but elegant bracelet to wear to business meetings or for the perfectly brilliant necklace to accent your wedding gown, I have jewelry creations to fit your needs.

Viewing pictures is no substitute for experiencing these truly wearable works of art. To fully appreciate their beauty and quality, you must view, hold and wear these creations. So please check our "Where to Purchase" page for locations and festival dates where you may experience the elegance for yourself. Or check the "Viewing in Your Home" page for information about how to schedule a personal or group viewing right in your home.



   My Craft

I hand craft all of my jewelry creations using various techniques of off-loom bead weaving. You may be wondering how exactly does one weave with beads. The weaving is done with a needle, thread and beads, all entwined together by hand in an intricate pattern without use of a loom. The beautiful patterns of beads come from a variety of weaving techniques, each with their own unique character and beautiful result.

The techniques I currently use vary from ancient crafts passed through generations to new styles that reflect modern design sensibilities. I take a new approach to the traditional native-American style of "Peyote" weaving, where long flat beaded pieces are rolled to form an entire woven bead.

Peyote bead weaving: The bracelet on the left is constructed using the Peyote bead weaving technique. The detailed picture on the right shows an individual woven Peyote bead. It is woven from many smaller beads and then incorporated into the overall piece. All pictures on this site may be clicked for a larger view.


The African technique of "Ndebele" produces artful clusters of small beads that may be connected in a variety of patterns.

Ndebele bead weaving: The butterfly bracelet on the left is constructed using the Ndebele bead weaving technique for the bodies of the butterflies. The detailed picture on the right shows the Ndebele piece that is connected to other Ndebele pieces with other larger individual beads. All pictures on this site may be clicked for a larger view.


The modern technique of "Twisted Spiral Rope" is a method of crafting beautiful necklaces and bracelets in a twisting spiral pattern. Utilizing different sizes, shapes and colors for the individual beads can result in dramatically different designs.

Twisted Spiral Rope bead weaving: These three creations show how using the same technique but varying the size, shape and color of beads can result in dramatically differently beautiful results. All pictures on this site may be clicked for a larger view.


Finally, the modern "Right-Angle Weave" technique is used for crafting flat-patterned necklaces or bracelets that may stand alone or may also be embellished with gems or other attractive beads.

Right-Angle bead weaving: The heart necklace on the left is constructed using the Right-Angle bead weaving technique to make a flat design. The bracelet on the right is also constructed using the same technique, then later embellished with bead chips to give a unique organic design. All pictures on this site may be clicked for a larger view.



   Quality Craftsmanship Guaranteed

I'm devoted to designing and crafting the highest quality jewelry creations. I only use the finest quality materials like beautiful sterling silver, Swarovski crystal, Japanese glass seed beads and strong Nymo brand threads. All my creations are completely crafted by hand. Each creation requires many hours or days to complete.

All creations are completely guaranteed for life. While these creations should be treated like any delicate piece of art, we all know accidents can happen. So feel confident that if your jewelry should ever need adjustments or repairs, you can contact me directly and I can make your piece as good as new. With this level of quality and care, you will truly own a piece of heirloom jewelry.